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KATIE JANSZ Bch Exercise Science

Based in Melbourne Victoria, Qualified Exercise Scientist, Katie Jansz walks the talk when it comes to challenging herself – and her clients – to reach a greater level of living.


She has worked in the fitness industry for over a decade, and her passion comes from an exercise physiology background.


“I believe the fundamentals behind maximising one’s potential is achieving the work/life/leisure balance - which can be difficult to ascertain with our busy and sedentary lifestyles,” she says.


“Through my own personal experiences, I have learnt the importance of psychological well-being and the relationship between a healthy mind and healthy body. This has better enabled me to help others achieve their goals - on a personal, social, sports and professional level.”


Ask any of Katie’s clients and they will tell you that the relationship she hones and honors with each and every one of them, creates a higher level of enjoyment with exercise and a supremely greater results.

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